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The Benefits of Virtual Speech Therapy

Becoming a VIRTUAL feeding and speech therapist was SO unexpected, but it has turned out to be SO amazing! While I definitely miss the in-person hugs, teletherapy has been a positive change for myself and my clients for so many reasons!

🏆 Virtual therapy is as effective as in-person therapy! My goals and activities are family-based, so the everyone is involved in helping your child make progress!

🏡 We both get to stay in the comfort of our own homes! No one has to shower or clean up their house before I come over:)

🚙 There’s no travel for each of us! No getting gas, getting stuck in traffic or cancellations due to car trouble.

👩‍👧‍👦 Siblings can keep napping while speech therapy happens! I love the extra time I have with my kids, too!

⏰ Scheduling is super flexible when travel times don’t have to be figured in!

🤒 Virtual speech and feeding therapy doesn’t have to stop if someone in the house is under the weather!

💻 Teletherapy has reinforced the importance of parent coaching when it comes to feeding disorders and picky eating. Teaching parents mealtime strategies and activities that they can use all week (vs one hour a week with me) makes all the difference! That’s where the real progress happens!

☎️ Call or message me today if you’d like to learn more about my virtual speech and feeding therapy services!

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