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Introducing Solid Foods to Your Baby

Are you ready to introduce solids to your baby?? Here are some feeding milestones to remember for your little ones!

Holy City Speech is available to help safely guide you through the process of baby-led feeding, while giving you the best tips and tricks to encourage your child’s oral motor development 🤍

≫ ≫ Birth - 4 months

Recognizes nipple or bottle

Sucks on fingers

Breast of bottle fed exclusively

≫ ≫ 5 - 9 Months

Can begin BLW (baby led weaning) at 6 mo.

Opens mouth when food is presented

Vertical chewing/munching observed

Introduce cup drinking at 6 months

≫ ≫ 9 - 12 Months

Drinks from an open cup

Can finger feed easily dissolvable foods

Rotary chewing (circular and side to side)

Can eat thicker/textured foods

≫ ≫ 12 - 24 Months

Chews a variety of textures

Self feeds themselves frequently

Attempts to grasp spoon with one hand

Begins to swallow with lips closed

≫ ≫ 24 - 36 Months

Eats a wide variety of solid foods

Chews with mouth closed

Uses fork/spoon and completely self fed

Holds cup with one hand

Drinks from cup with minimal spillage

🤍 Message me if you have any questions! 🤍

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