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Does Your Child Need Feeding Therapy?

I get many questions from parents about whether or not their child could benefit from feeding therapy. If any part of the eating or mealtime process feels difficult, feeding therapy could help! Some signs that feeding therapy could be appropriate for your child include:

≫ Excessive picky eating

≫ Refusal to try new foods

≫ Tough transition to table foods

≫ Difficulty chewing or swallowing

≫ Aversions to specific food textures

≫ Excessive gagging at mealtimes

≫ Limited repertoire of foods

≫ Mealtimes are a constant battle

≫ Poor weight gain/failure to thrive

≫ On or coming off a G-tube

Finding a feeding therapist to address the issues as early as possible is so important. Message me today if you have any questions or would like to learn how feeding therapy can help your child grow and thrive!

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