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How Common is Picky Eating?

You might be surprised to learn that between 25-40% of children are described as “picky eaters” or as having a feeding disorder. BUT, just because it is so prevalent, doesn’t mean it’s something you should ignore! Going through a feeding therapy program will help assess the root cause of your child’s picky eating and then give you the strategies and interventions your child needs. Getting support and feeding therapy can change everything!

Food and texture preferences can be normal and we all have them, even as adults. But, picky eating should be addressed when you begin to see the following:

🍽 refuses whole food groups or textures

🍽 has any difficulty chewing or swallowing

🍽 eats less than 20-30 foods

🍽 has weight loss or limited growth

🍽 eats different meals from the rest of the family

🍽 demonstrates crying, anger or tantrums over food

🍽 is unwilling to try new or unfamiliar foods

Message me with any questions or to see if feeding therapy is something that could help you and your child!

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